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3 Miracles of Online Therapy

Two years ago, I never would have expected that Sage Tree Therapy would offer therapy online. Would we have chosen this model without the influence of a global pandemic? Unlikely. But we have been surprised by the benefits we’ve seen in working with you this way!

Online therapy is still a relatively new modality, but there are promising research findings that conditions like anxiety and depression can be well treated in this virtual format. That echoes what we’ve seen in our own practice.

We expect to begin offering in-person services again at some point in 2022. Even so, we will still continue to offer the option of virtual appointments (we call them telehealth sessions) for the foreseeable future.

Here are the three biggest benefits we’ve seen for our clients with online therapy:

#1 Access in an instant

Driving across town for a midday appointment can be such a challenge, especially if you need to find childcare while you’re away. Now, you can come to therapy without even searching for your car keys.

Online therapy also lets you circumvent some of the frustrating “life happens” moments that are all too common for parents. Clients used to have to cancel their therapy appointments if childcare plans fell through last-minute or if a kid had to stay home sick. With telehealth sessions, situations like these don’t have to get in the way of having your appointment.

You may still want to make some of the accommodations as you would for in-person therapy. (Such as building in buffer time to decompress before your next meeting, or arranging for an hour of babysitting coverage.) This allows you to make your therapy time sacred and focused on you.

But all in all, the logistical hurdles for an online therapy appointment are much lower — which makes it more likely for you to get the care you deserve.

#2 Deeper familiarity

We love getting to “visit” you at home, wherever you take your therapy calls — whether that’s your living room, bedroom, or the inside of a closet. (Hey, do whatever you’ve got to do to get some quiet space!) It’s an honor to be invited over as a virtual guest.

It’s valuable to us as therapists to have a glimpse of what life is really like in your environment each week.

In the old days, I might see clients for years without ever meeting their children. Now, it’s much more common to get to meet your kiddos if they pop in with a question or a boo-boo while we’re on our call. It’s wonderful to get to know the people you spend your life with, and there’s a therapeutic benefit, too!

Many people with postpartum depression or anxiety have doubts about their parenting, and these little moments allow us to see and affirm your parenting in real time — including your own particular strengths that you may completely take for granted.

By serving clients online, we get a fuller sense of your life at home, which supports the effectiveness of our work together.

#3 Helping MORE moms across Missouri & Illinois

Conditions like postpartum depression and anxiety are best treated by an expert. That’s why everyone at Sage Tree Therapy has extensive training on perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMAD). And now, our expertise is available to people throughout Missouri and Illinois, whether or not you live within easy driving distance of St. Louis.

Sage Tree Therapy has therapists licensed in Missouri and Illinois. This means we can serve clients from Branson, Missouri; Chicago, Illinois; and everywhere in between.

This especially helps us serve more clients from rural areas, who are less likely to have access to PMAD expertise nearby. It also allows us to offer more support groups and group therapy.


Spread the word

It’s never been easier to access high-quality mental health care. If you have a friend or relative in Missouri or Illinois who is looking for support with perinatal mental health, birth and pregnancy trauma, fertility, or parenting, here’s how they can begin their Sage Tree journey:

To get started, email or call 314.485.SAGE. We can respond to any questions and get them scheduled for an assessment appointment, which allows us to match them with one of our expert therapists.

The pandemic is creating unprecedented challenges, especially for moms and all parents. We can help you find your way through.

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