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New Baby Announcement!

New baby announcements are the best part of my job! (got one this morning with photos!!!)

It makes me think about just how hard our clients, and all moms really, work to get their babies here. They sacrifice their bodies, bank accounts, jobs, time, energy and so much more to add to their families.

Anyone who knows me knows that I get super distracted if there's a cute baby in the vicinity and all I wanna do is hold them or just watch them like I'm watching my favorite tv show. It embarrasses my kids how much I gush over babies.

But I'm also just so dang proud of and inspired by our moms at Sage Tree! I feel so honored to get to walk with them on their parenting journey whether that means pregnancy after loss, adoption, unplanned pregnancies or IVF.

Just know that your therapists are thinking of you during your entire pregnancy, and on the induction date, or during your 20-week scan. We're rooting for you and your family quietly, in private. And we also breathe a big sigh of relief and gratitude when baby arrives earthside. We deeply understand that birth is not a 'given'. So we celebrate when it happens.

Welcome to the world new baby! We're all delighted you're here. #newbaby #sagetreemom #birthannouncement #momtherapy

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