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Our Therapists...

  • COMING SOON! - childcare for ages newborn - 6+ while clients are receiving therapy in our office in a safe and fun play area at Your Village!

  • See clients virtually and in-person in our office in Chesterfield, Mo. Must be residents and located in Missouri or Illinois per professional licensing regulations.

  • Hold varying levels of specialized training in Trauma as well as perinatal mental health / PMAD (perinatal mood and anxiety disorders) and birth and pregnancy trauma; CBT, Mindfulness, EMDR

  • Accept private-pay and insurance; Elizabeth and Jamie* are the only providers currently accepting insurance (Aetna, Optum, United Healthcare *and Cigna) Cash, check, credit card,  and HSA/FSA cards are all accepted forms of payment.

  • Partner with Advekit so you can easily access your out-of-network benefits. This means that if your insurance plan allows for this type of benefit, you could qualify for reimbursement directly from your insurance company. Elizabeth is the only current provider with Advekit.

  • Allow babies to accompany moms during in-person service delivery up to 12 months of age. 

  • Provide At-Home Therapy Services to moms on bedrest or otherwise confined to the home up to 12 weeks post-partum.

ALL NEW CLIENTS WITH SAGE TREE THERAPY SCHEDULE AN ASSESSMENT APPOINTMENT FIRST. During this appointment, your assessment therapist will assess clinically what your areas of concerns are, as well as help you choose an individual therapist to best fit your needs. This decision is made together between new client and assessment therapist and is based on clinical indications, schedule and finances. Your assessment therapist may or may not be your assigned individual therapist.


The following clinicians perform assessments*

  • Kelly Hall, LCSW

  • Laura Ranalletta LCSW

  • Jamie DiLorenzo-Lohman LCSW

  • Elizabeth Stallone-Lowder MSW, LCSW

  • Shelby Pascoe LCSW

The fee for all new client assessments is $189 and may not be covered by insurance. You MUST request to use insurance at the time of scheduling an assessment.


Elizabeth Stallone-Lowder MSW, LCSW

Founder + Lead Therapist

PHONE /  314.485.SAGE


Elizabeth Stallone-Lowder founded Sage Tree Therapy, LLC in 2012 with a focus on supporting new moms affected by birth and pregnancy trauma. She specializes in Trauma, including postpartum mood disorders and all perinatal mental health issues. These include fertility challenges, infant and pregnancy loss, postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, high-risk pregnancy, and moms on bed rest. 

She's developed an E-Course and written a Workbook in 2022, both titled "The Sweet Spot of Self-Care for Moms: How Sleep, Food, Energy and Sex influence our self-care".


Elizabeth  believes in helping moms become more authentic and self-compassionate by becoming more mindful of their feelings, values and core beliefs. She emphasizes strengths-based approaches for all of her clients, honoring the fact that everyone is an expert in their own life. 


All of Elizabeth's clinical interventions focus on the importance of self-care and empowerment. She knows you are the BEST mom for your children and understands there is no such thing as perfect parenting. (Good news — our kids don't even need us to be perfect!)


Specialized therapies include Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), The Daring Way™, visual art techniques, Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Model (TREM),  healthy sexuality / sex education, dream interpretation, and therapeutic journaling with a cognitive-behavioral filter. Elizabeth also offers EMDR (Level II). ​

To improve moms’ lives on a macro level and better equip her region with more professionals trained in Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMAD), Elizabeth co-founded Heartland PMAD Consultants, LLC with Kim Martino-Sexton. As two experts in the field of perinatal peer support and mental health, Elizabeth and Kim train healthcare providers and social service agencies on how to help perinatal patients get the best care possible.


Elizabeth is also an adjunct professor of Social Work at the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University and serves on the Executive Board of the Hyperemesis Education & Research Foundation as well as a co-founder of HGMoms on Facebook. 


Elizabeth's love for visual art and honoring intuition is combined via Sage Tree Art, where she specializes in mixed media portraits by commission. She also hosts classes several times a year, guiding participants in making meaningful art and learning more about themselves in the process.

Private pay fee for 50-minute individual therapy session for new or returning clients: $175

60-minute Assessments $189*

Currently licensed in the state of Missouri and Illinois

In-office and Telehealth appointments

Accepts Insurance: Aetna, Optum, United Healthcare. Partners with Advekit for out-of-network benefits.


Ilene Bloom-Ellis MSW, LCSW

PHONE / 314.666.4102


Ilene Bloom-Ellis, MSW, LCSW, has worked in the field of Social Work for over 40 years. Most recently, she served as the Clinical Director for Safe Connections, a local program providing therapy services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

Ilene specializes in treating adults with issues related to domestic and sexual violence; pregnancy, parenting and adoption; workplace stressors/difficulties; and life transitions. Ilene has a strength-based approach, utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy. She focuses on mindfulness, self-care and empowerment as a means to move forward towards a happier being.

Fee for 50-minute individual therapy session: $135

Currently licensed in the state of Missouri

Telehealth only, Private pay only


Laura Ranalletta, MSW, LCSW

Laura's therapy approach is practical, compassionate, easygoing and down-to-earth.

Drawing from her training in evidenced based approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) and Brainspotting, but she also relies heavily on my own intuition to help guide our work together.

Fee for 50-minute individual therapy session: $150

60-minute Assessment for new clients: $189*

Currently licensed in the state of Missouri and Illinois;

Telehealth only, Private pay only

SageTree Jamie-12.jpg

Jamie DiLorenzo-Lohman LCSW

PHONE / 314.649.8467


As a graduate of Saint Louis University's MSW program, Jamie specializes in working with adults and adolescents that have experienced trauma. Specialized therapies include, Mindfulness, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  Jamie frequently works with clients who have experienced intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and childhood emotional and/or physical abuse.


Before entering the realm of therapy, Jamie taught both Special Education and ESL in Bogota Colombia and locally in St. Louis. From her time teaching English as a Second Language, ESL, Jamie specializes in working with individuals that English is not their first language and enjoys working with other cultures and backgrounds. Jamie’s time as a Special Education teacher gave her a strong commitment to advocate for individuals of all abilities, which continues her therapeutic approach. Jamie uses a person centered and collaborative approach to identify and build on one’s individual strengths with the goals of recovery, personal growth, and increased overall wellness.

Jamie is highly trained in PMAD, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and is a current Heartland PMAD Approved Provider

Private pay fee for 50-minute individual therapy session: $140

60-minute Assessment for new clients: $189

Currently licensed in the state of Missouri

In-Person and Telehealth, Accepts Insurance (Optum, UHC, Aetna and Cigna)

SageTree kelly-19.jpg

Kelly Hall MSW, LCSW

PHONE / 314.325.4558


Kelly Hall provides compassionate and inclusive therapy services with focus on trauma/sexual trauma, anxiety, relationships, depression, and suicide prevention. Through a trauma-informed lens, her therapy will focus on providing a safe, empowering environment to promote healing and recovery. Kelly’s therapeutic style incorporates techniques from a variety of modalities, including motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy.


Kelly Hall also works full-time as Tele-Health Clinician with Behavioral Health Response working in suicide prevention and crisis intervention with hospitals and agencies in and out of state. Her full-time work specializes in clinical assessments and recommendations for long-term behavioral healthcare services and treatment planning.

Fee for 50-minute individual therapy session: $125

60-minute Assessment for new clients: $189*

Currently licensed in the stated of Missouri and Florida

Telehealth only, private pay only

SageTree Shelby-8.jpg

Shelby Pascoe LCSW


PHONE / 314.649.8467


Shelby specializes in treating mood disorders, anxiety, adjustment disorders, substance misuse and addictions, and co-occurring disorders with adults in both men and women. Specialized therapies include motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, humanistic therapy, mindfulness, and brief outcome therapy. Shelby uses a holistic, collaborative approach to identify and build on one’s individual strengths with the goals of recovery, personal growth, and increased overall wellness.

Fee for 50-minute individual therapy session: $125

Currently licensed in the state of Missouri

Telehealth only, Private pay only

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