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New Group for Moms!

Research shows that cognitive behavioral support groups with mindfulness components is key in reducing symptoms of postpartum depression and anxiety. Sage Tree has been facilitating this type of work for over a decade and we're excited to announce a new enrollment opportunity for moms to invest in themselves!

Benefit from the clinical support and supportive sense of community that only a Moms Group can provide! Members of this small, intimate group of no more than 8 people will develop a better understanding of how to better balance "Mom Life" and strengthen their self-care practices. A free 20-minute screening is required before joining for new clients to Sage Tree Therapy.

This group is facilitated by Elizabeth Lowder MSW, LCSW, an expert in Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMAD), birth and pregnancy trauma as well as Postpartum PTSD. Elizabeth brings her decades of professional and personal experience with postpartum mental health issues and group therapy in order to help moms get back to feeling themselves again. Your motherhood journey is important and what you're going through matters!

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