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New Office!

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

The option to go back to in-person therapy is available again at Sage Tree! The therapists at Sage Tree are members of Your Village, Jen Tietjen's CPNP, CLC, PMH-C new practice that will house diverse care providers for moms and kiddos in the Saint Louis metro area. Think lactation consultants, play therapists, even a pediatrician!

Sage Tree Therapy is proud to be the exclusive perinatal mental health provider at Your Village. We'll start seeing clients in our gorgeous office by the beginning of August!

Jen's vision for this place is super unique and fun - a much needed combo in Saint Louis County. In addition to the healthcare and mental healthcare provided on one 'side' of Your Village, there will soon be a "Play & Education" side featuring an amazing play space with a kid-size play village! Moms (or dads) can stop by with their children, grab a fancy coffee from our coffee bar and let their kiddos have fun in a safe, contained area. This will be THE place when temps get too hot (or too cold) in St. Louis and you're looking for a place to chill out while kids can expend some energy and be primed for naptime.

Soon there will be an option for those receiving services from Sage Tree Therapy, and the other Your Village providers, to drop kids off for their 50-minute appointments so you can have a productive therapy session without wrangling toddlers. Of course there will be changing tables, rocking chairs, places to pump and nurse and did I mention the coffee bar?! Oh and we're in a shopping plaza with a dog boarding and grooming center, bbq, sushi and mexican restaurants, fitness center, tailor and cupcake shop - talk about one-stop shopping!

I'm super excited about this new journey for Sage Tree Therapy and our clients who get to experience this dynamic space! Come and see us!

Sage Tree Therapy
78 Clarkson Wilson Center
Chesterfield, Mo 63017

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