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This is your sign!

You know, that thing you've been meaning to do for yourself. That thing your heart is trying to get you to pay attention to. But things are always getting in the way. Kids sports, making dinner (and lunch and breakfast), doctor appointments, birthday parties. How are you going to fit in something for yourself?!

By putting it on the calendar and showing up! Just like most everything else on your list. Click the button below and prioritize YOU mama!

Many of the moms we serve at Sage Tree Therapy report that they're sleeping like crap, eating comfort foods that help them feel better in the moment but feel worse in the long run. They're running out of energy throughout the day and feel the stress piling up. And their sex life?! Non-existent or seriously lacking. When we acknowledge our self-care practices are not working for us anymore it can feel overwhelming. This workshop is designed to help relieve all of that!

Our new online workshop will help moms just like you walk through each chapter of the new workbook "The Sweet Spot of Self-Care for Moms". And you'll get to do it directly with the author and founder of Sage Tree Therapy, Elizabeth Stallone-Lowder Msw Lcsw.

Enhance your self-care routine or create one for the first time with a select group of like-minded women over the course of six weeks.

Starting March 29th, Elizabeth will lead you in discussion and activities to help you discover how Sleep, Food, Stress and Sexuality deeply impact our ability to take good care of ourselves and others. You will learn simple and practical steps to take care of you starting the very first session.

Elizabeth's workshop facilitation style breaks things into relatable bites of information, so you can marinate and digest her philosophy on self-care. You'll see you're not alone in this struggle and meet other moms who are going through the same struggles.

This live workshop will fill up fast, so make sure you register now! Enrollment is limited to ensure a valuable experience for everyone.

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