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Week 4: May 24-30

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Our final week focusing on values. We’ve reflected, made lists, ranked priorities, paid attention to what matters most and identified red flags. We’ve journaled about how we will embody our values and now we’re going to take everything we’ve learned and create something unique!

The goal is to create a visual representation of your value. You might know I adore making art, so I would encourage you to find a canvas, a good sheet of paper or even tear off a piece of cardboard from one of your latest Amazon deliveries. You want something substantial that you would feel comfortable sticking on the wall in your home to remind you what’s important.

Use your #1 value itself to guide this project. Your canvas could simply include one word – your most important value. Or it could include multiple words that describe what’s important to you. Or a quote that relates to your value(s).

There’s no wrong way to do this project!

I’ve included some examples below. The next time you’re in my office take a look at the small shelf over my desk/bookshelf area. I have a small canvas that reads “Show up, be seen and live brave”. That was the result of the first time I did this project. I’ll share a more recent creation on social media this week.

Have fun with this and don’t forget to send me a picture of what you made! I promise I will not share with others, as confidentiality is a valued priority in my psychotherapy practice. But if you want to share, don’t forget to tag me (@ElizabethLowdermswlcsw) or @sagetreetherapy if you want!

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