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Elizabeth is a published author!

Did you know Elizabeth, Founder of Sage Tree Therapy recently wrote two new books?!

"My Weekly Pages: A week-by-week planning and reflection prompt journal" is her favorite way to journal while incorporating components of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. This is the perfect way to start a new journal practice or strengthen your existing mindfulness practices.

Features of My Weekly Pages include:

  • Monthly prep sheet for every four sets of weekly pages

  • To-Do trackers and planners

  • Intention setting

  • Exploration of thoughts, feelings and emotions

  • Mind mapping

  • Gratitude practice

  • Tons of journal prompts

  • Lots of room to doodle and scribble


"The Sweet Spot of Self Care Workbook for Moms: How Sleep, Food, Energy & Stress Influence our Self-Care" Elizabeth has curated the most effective and useful psycho-educational content for moms everywhere! Ideal for the newly pregnant or or experienced parent. It's never too late to establish excellent self-care practices! This workbook is jam packed full of insight and guidance on how to best take care of ourselves as moms.

  • Journal prompts

  • Art activities

  • Behavior trackers

  • Logs

  • Assessments

  • Coloring pages

  • much, much more!

Don't miss our on Elizabeth's honest and direct take on how moms find their "sweet spot" of self-care by tuning into four human drives - Sleep, Food, Energy and Sex.

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