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Virtual Sessions are the new normal!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Oh the times, they are a changin'. In the last 24-hours I've decided to do Virtual-only sessions for at least the next week.

That means I will hear you if you want to do a phone session and I can see you and hear you if you want to do a video chat. Just text or email me your preference and I can give you more information if you're a current client on my schedule.


They might feel weird for you at first, but I've been doing them for years and I know how to keep the conversation moving. WIthin a few minutes you might even feel like you're on my office couch again with the sage green blanket and toucan pillow my daughter gave me for christmas one year.

It won't feel exactly like in person therapy and I understand that you might miss seeing me from the chest down (kidding) but trust me when I say Keeping Your Therapy Appointment Is Important! Especially during these times of crisis. My schedule pretty much opened right up, so if you find yourself needing a session and you're not a standing client on my calendar, please just reach out! I'm here to talk and help you unload all your corona-stuff AND family stuff, baby stuff, work stuff, partner get the picture.

Wholeheartedly, Elizabeth, "The Mom Therapist"

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